Hi, I’m Peter Thomas, raised and then working on the family farm for ten years before starting my own business. I developed a keen interest in all things rural, a love of the outdoors.

I have had over 35 years experience with machinery and the second hand market for all types of items, a lot of it has involved auctions and marketing of a large range of items both new and used.

I have owned and operated businesses in both Victoria and in Queensland within this field.

I have held an autioneers licence in Queensland for the past ten years and have been actively involved in all aspects of preparation, setting up and auctioneeing of a large variety of goods ranging from sundry items and furniture right up to large plant and equipment.

I offer an onsite auction service at a fixed price. I will discuss with you all aspects of what is required to run an auction, an appraisal of your goods, cost, time and effort required so that you can make an informed decision on whether to go to auction with your goods.


My other interests include Metal detecting and prospecting, fishing, hunting,  photography and travelling.

You will find more of this in sections of this site.