Videos available at present.    Work in progress.  (Latest added January 7- 2019  )

This is second video of two videos on my gold prospecting trip to North Queensland where I prospected about the Gilberton area and Forsayth district  detecting Dells Hole and Mt Talbot stations and Clermont in central Queensland


I always carry a small pocket camera with me when out detecting and wandering about the bush which enables me to take some video of digging gold nuggets that I find as well as taking photos of other things that I find interesting, I also use a video camera at times as well which I set up when I thing a target is gold, much easier to dig with both hands free. Here you will find videos that  I have edited up, all genuine as it happened stuff.  I’m on a learning curve constantly trying to improve the presentation of the videos. Please feel free to comment.

Hope you find some of interest to you. watch and enjoy.

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Peter T videos   c.

Video (1)   Is of a gold nugget that I found in the Western Australian gold fields, it came from one of several large natural occurring mounds in the area.

Video (2)   A pair of Skinks that I came across performing a mating ritual while detecting  in Western Australia.

Video,(3)   Digging gold nugget Western Australia.


Video  (4)  Digging gold nuggets from a “patch” in Western Australia.       


Video (5)  Finding 5 ounce nugget Western Australia.             

Video (6)   Gold nugget detecting trip   Western Australia

Video (7)    Camp talk and dig gold.     Western Australia

Video (8)  Digging small gold nugget WA. Recovering another gold nugget from the WA goldfields.


Video (9)  Mrs T’s first gold nuggets. Found her first gold detecting the WA goldfields.

Video (10) Digging a gold nugget from cap rock. This video taken in  WA 2014

Video (11) Fossicking for Moonstone at Moonstone Hill Queensland

Video (12)  In this video I tow a boat to Weipa in Cape York in Queensland. rough slow going on dirt section. 

Video( 12a) Video from the WA goldfields, testing coils and digging nugget.

Video. (13). Tropical wet season storm in Bundaberg Queensland.

Video (14)  The Fantastic Nugget. Nice nugget dug from a small patch in Western Australia on my last trip

Video ( 15.)  Gilberton gold.   Digging a couple of nuggets and information on Gilberton station in North Queensland.



Video (16) Is the first video in the series on detecting Far North Queensland 2016. I bush bash way in and find first nugget. SEARCH FOR GOLD

Video.(17) Detecting gold Far North Queensland series  Video 2.  Title. GOLD NUGGETS FRON THE HILL

Video (18) Detecting Far North Queensland series Video 3. Title. NUGGET PATCH.


Video ( 19) Camp talk Far North Queensland. Taking time out from detecting to talk about what I take with me


Video (20) Detecting Far North Queensland  Series Video 4 -Title.  HARD WON NUGGETS .( Last video in series)


Video(21) Gold detecting trip to Clermont in Central Queensland First of two videos of trip.


Video (22) Clermont gold, Video 2. It’s not all gold, digging more than gold


Video (23)



Video (24)

Check back soon for more videos.


Videos I have came across which you may find interesting.

Oilfield Dodge1920  Don’t make them like this anymore. Could a modern 4WD couldn’t handle this?