Gold Prospecting

Prospecting 2018

Photos of gold nuggets and old tokens found on recent trip to Victoria, will post another photo of tokens when cleaned up, they all came from the one hole,

Photos from my trip to North Queensland which included the areas about Gilberton, Forsayth, Clermont, ect. Included a few photos from about Forsayth, captions on photos tell a story.

Prospecting 2017.

Spent some time at Clermont in Queensland, it was not in the original plan of spending several months detecting in North Queensland this year but family comes first, The Clermont trip did ease the gold itch some-what, no nuggets of a great size came to light.



Prospecting 2016


Spent a few days detecting about the Whipstick on recent trip to Victoria, the weather was very hot with temps over 40Deg, a bit of rain did little to help the current drought situation. I used the new Nugget Finder 12″ and 14″x11″ Evolution coils, found them to be very sensitive. I found 4 small nuggets and heaps of lead shot.                                                                                   .                                                                                                                    Attended the Wedderburn Detector Jamboree 2016.(photos under METAL DETECTING).

Gilberton Station  North Queensland.

Photo’s from week spent there May 2016, after years of drought a finally a wet season that had grass growing, great for the station owners, hard work for detecting.

Far north Queensland.

Steep hills, 30+ deg, humidity, grass & scrub = tough going.


Prospecting 2015.

Unfortunately due to unforseen events and family I did not get away prospecting much this year.

Queensland gold.

Managed to find my first gold in Queensland. A couple of trips to old mining areas without success then Bingo three nuggets in an hour at last site.



Victoria trip, attended the Wedderburn Metal Detecting Jamboree 7th & 8th March then spent several days detecting for gold about Wedderburn, Kingower and the Whipstick and found a few nuggets .

Jamboree photos under  Photos-Metal Detecting. 


Photos WA Prospecting Trip 2014 Now back home in Queensland. Both Mrs T and I a great time,  met some great people along the way, caught up with friends and family, found some gold nuggets in quite a number of places, a few in Victoria on the way back, enjoyed the bush camps,  the weather was kind to us with only a little rain on a few occasions.      

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Photos taken during trip to the Western Australian goldfields 2012 You will find other photos from the trip under various headings under PHOTOS



Photo of the first two gold nuggets I found. The first was on the day I bought the Minelab 5000 from the dealer in Bendigo, Victoria. after the very informative mornings field instruction on using the detector that afternoon I headed to a nearby old mining area and found my first,  the second was on the following morning, I was very happy as now had the confidence in my ability to find gold in Western Australia. Our trip to the west started the next day, destination Cue an old goldfields town 650 km north of Perth on the great northen highway, it was the starting point for the  prospecting adventure.