I’d like to share some of my photos with you that were taken during my travels around Australia.

View more under the various tags below photos as well as comments on the locations, hope you find them of interest, if you would like to  comment you will find my email address under Contacts on my home page.

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Travels Photo’s along with information from various places I have visited.                             Cape York.  A part of Australia I have spent a lot of time in, so gave it its own section. 

Gold prospecting Visits to goldfields around Australia,                                                                Metal detecting.    Beaches, parks, old sites. searching for coins, jewellery and relics.

Auto, Machinery, Boats.   Big , small, old and new.                                                                        Beaches, Surfing    And related stuff, includes water sports.

Fishing. I don’t do enough these days.                                                                                              Sunsets & Sunrise.   A special time of day.

Flowers, Trees & Plants           Birds          Animals           Reptiles & Frogs.                                Insects. Includes butterflies of course.

Auctions. Some past auctions I have conducted.                             Anzac day,  Photos from various places commemorating service personal, there sacrifice, and service to Australia.

All photos on this site covered by the Australian Copyright Laws.     If you would like to use a photo please contact me.


Prospecting Photos

Prospecting Photos

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and Sunset