I have been a keen metal detectorist for several years, over that time have used various detectors, currently I am using a Minelab Etrac. I still have a Bounty Hunter1V that I used prior to buying the Etrac, found it easy to use and found a lot of “goodies ” with it. I use a Minelab GPX 5000 for gold detecting.

Metal detecting is a great hobbie and can be very rewarding.

Some photo’s of my finds.  (Update December 2018)

Detecting 2018.

Photos of finds from recent hunts.

A few photos of recent hunts here in Hervey Bay and on the Sunny Coast, nothing of any great value


Detecting 2016

Some of the finds from hunts during the year.

Wedderburn (Victoria) Detector Jamboree March 12th-13th 2016

I attended the Jamboree again this year, The two day event held at the Hard Hill reserve at Wedderburn in Victoria was again a well run event.  Entries were done a little on last year I believe possible due to very hot weather as temperatures in the week leading up to the event were over 40 deg. A gold panning competition run is as part of the event with sections for various ages up to senior. It was great to see the number of kids taking part and enjoying themselves, Minelab, Coiltcc and Prospecting Australia were major sponsors and there were plenty of great prizes to be won, First prize in the senior token hunt was a Minelab SDC 2300 gold detector, several Minelab detectors, Nugget Finder and Coiltec coils and numerous other prizes were won buy lucky people who had there tokens drawn. Minelab detectors were also won by participants in the junior token hunt. It was great to see a large number of families in attendance and getting involved. With free camping, hot showers good food on offer from the hard working Lions Club along with the Saturday night entertainment  and with 24 garage sales about town over the weekend along with other attractions there was something for everyone  which made for a great weekend.  Two of the three tokens I found were drawn,  but unfortunately  not soon enough for a major prize.


Detecting 2015       

A few photos from various hunts from the Sunshine Coast to Cape York.


Wedderburn Metal Detecting Jamboree  March 7th & 8th.2015

This was my first time at the jamboree,  Mrs T and I had a great time over the two day event held at the Hard Hill tourist reserve, run in Victoria by Wedderburn tourism the committee are to be congratulated on the way the event was run and conducted, the open section attracted over 130 competitors I was told, a good number of entrants in the junior detecting as well, the gold panning was popular with young ones as well, with various age groups from 3 to 15 years old competing in the gold panning competition on the sunday. The detector instruction sessions drew plenty of  people keen to learn and the working eucalyptus still at the site drew plenty of attention as well. With the Farmers market and several garage sales on about town along with local tourist attractions to visit there was something of interest for all.  Great to see so many kids and families enjoying themselves.

The number of prizes provided by sponsors was amazing.

The Lions Club done a terrific job over the weekend suppling meals and refreshments,  with (hot) showers and toilet facilities available camping was popular at the site. Top weekend, well done every one.


Sunshine Coast hunt 2015


Detecting 2014.

A few days on the Sunshine Coast in January gave me a chance for a couple of beach hunts to start the years detecting.


Detecting 2013.

Some photos of finds from  various hunts.

World War 11. site finds.





Sunshine Coast beach detecting weekend finds, unfortuanetly the ring was  a cheapie.



Finds from various hunts.