Metal Detecting / Prospecting

COIL COVERS.  ( Coil in photo for illustration only.)  CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE

 Currently available.

Suit 17′ x 11″  Nugget Finder and Coiltek  $39

Suit 12″x 7′ Nugget Finder        $34        8″ x 6″ Nugget Finder “Sadie”  $ 32

Suit 11″ round  Minelab.           $ 36        8″  round     Minelab                   $32.

 * Price includes postage in Australia.

New range of coil covers to suit  various sized coils. A great way to protect your valuable coils, keeps coil and lead compact for storage as well as protecting. Can be fitted to coil with shaft attached.

Australian made from durable Marine grade upholstery vinyl.

Sizes to suit most coils,. Available soon.


Coil. Nugget Finder  advantage, Mono 17″ x 11″ Elliptical.

Used coil, Good condition, this was my go to coil on WA trip, found 100’s of nuggets. Very sensitive to small gold, Easy pinpoint targets.

Price $225 .  Includes free postage in Australia.


COIL.  MINELAB COMMANDER MONOLOOP  15′ x  12′. Semi Elliptical.

Brand new, unused in  box.

Price $230      (normal sell $385) 

Includes free  postage in Australia



Only a few available of these great little scoops. Ideal for recovering nuggets when gold detecting.

FEATURES. Rifles in bottom to hold gold, can be use for sampling for fine gold.

Straight nose and sides, makes it easier to scape up nuggets in soil when detecting.


Price. $32  Includes postage in Australia.  Colour, black only available.

You can see some of these being used in my videos. Click videos on home page.


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