Gold Nuggets


Australian nuggets and specimens  as detected in there natural state from various goldfields.

Listed below are gold nuggets from Western Australia & Victoria & Queensland

Price as listed Plus regular registered post Australia $8-50  per lot.  email for postage price on multiple lots  or if you have any questions.

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 (1) Sold._———————————————-

(2) Sold

(3)  SOLD .Nice clean flat nugget weight .9 of a gram

 Price $ 49.      Order code.  GWA – WC2


I have personally detected these gold nuggets from various goldfields around Australia.
My price per Gram varies,  Nice shapes, matching nuggets, larger sizes are around $10 a gram more than my the base rate.

NOTE all nuggets listed at price based on Gold spot price on 9th Feb 2018.

Nuggets are cleaned then weighed.

*Look at photos carefully, nuggets are photographed  with metric rule and 5 cent or $2 coin to indicate size.

Prices as listed remain till updated on site. ( Prices change subject to Gold price)

Information. There are 31.103 grams in an ounce of gold. The spot price of gold varies day to day.


Gemstones.     GENUINE Australian.


From Queensland, bags of various size sample stones as listed below.


   Moonstones. 15 pieces    $ 7

Weight. 40 Grams.  Order code.  M-03



 Moonstones.  30 pieces   $ 9

Weight.  46 Grams.  Order code  M-04

Pickup or regular postage in Australia $8.50.

Chrysoprase specimens from Western Australia

These vary in size and colour

Specimen A. $15  SOLD


Specimen B  $ 15.     Pickup or  Regular post Australia. $ 8.50


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Postage cost, Contact for any items without listed postage or for price on multiple lots.