News update 3rd February 2019
Gidday everyone, hope your 2019 is going well. it is certainly seems to be disappearing at a quick rate already.
The planning for this years gold adventure is dually being considered, hopefully will all come to fruition this year, Not going to announce just what have in mind just yet but will see me in the Goldfields for a few months.
Each time I go away I think that what I have bought will be the end of stuff needed for a lot of trips to come however always seems to be gear needed, my batteries for the GPX 5000 are nearing the end of there time as not holding charge for as long as used to and seem to be taking lot longer to charge. Coils, have a selection of the Nugget Finder Evolution but do I need another?? Yes staying with the GPX 5000 detector at least for the present.
The vehicle (ute) is ready to go as is all the day to day gear required, had the fridge serviced just to be sure all ok. Zip replace on the tent, will the motor bike go or stay home, Hmmm go I think, The radios, GPS and trackbacks and Spot Tracker all working and up to date. and so the list goes on.
I been doing a bit of ” treasure” detecting, not had any great finds but will hopefully keep the swinging arm and shoulder free and ready for the goldfields.
Whatever your plans for 2019 I hope they lead you to a lot of good times and the making of some great memories
Peter T.

News update 24 December 2018.
Firstly let me wist you all the very best wishes for happy and joyous Christmas and Ned New Year, may the year ahead no matter what your pursuits be a happy, rewarding and safe, To those who will head out chasing some gold may it be a golden year for you, please thing about your safety and take the necessary gear and precautions because YES it can happen to you.
While a recent trip to Victoria for a family funeral was a very sad occasion we did spend some time down there catching up with some family and friends, I did get out bush for a couple of days gold detecting near Bendigo and found a few nuggets and three old tokens, a nice find in the one hole in an area with lots of trash, one nuggets was a respectable 2.8 grams, a nearby signal that looked like it was in previously undisturbed ground had my hopes up till at about 300mm deep a piece of half inch water pipe was revealed, are well you just never know.
Currently working on the second video of my prospecting trip to North Queensland, it will about the Clermont area where I stopped of for a look about on the way back down from the Forsayth area, and then a short on the Victorian trip.
All so have done a bit of metal detecting for coins and jewellery a few times lately, not a lot to show for it but the exercise didn’t do me any harm, got to keep the swinging arm in practice for the goldfields, more on that at a latter date.
Have added a few photos to the gold prospecting and metal detecting photo pages, I try to regularly add posts to the Peter T Facebook page, a link to it on the home page of the web site.
One last thing, I have been very disappointed at the seemingly increasing number of dig holes left open by detectorists, some of the very big and deep, the excuses that that the wild pigs, goanna’s, rabbits bush chooks and what ever leave holes just don’t cut it. Surely it’s not to hard to fill them in even if you are a GPZ 7000 operator that’s had to dig a meter deep on a target. Areas that we now use are coming under increasing pressure to be locked up by green and other interest groups and they will used any bit of so called destruction in there push to government to get there way. Farmers, station holders, land owners call them what you like are under enough pressure from thoughtless people to just plain outright bastards who thing they can do what they like giving them grief. To the person who leaves a few detector holes open it may not seem like a big deal, to the landholder it’s just another sign of disrespect, add to this the possibilities of injuries to stock or them selves makes them, and with ever right to do so, say no to those who with good intentions seek permission for whatever reason to gain access to there property.
Peter T

News update 15th November 2018
Once again it has been a while since an up date, back home after my trip to North and Central Queensland goldfields as covered in my last update it has been a busy time with family which includes a few days up at Tannem Sands, Fun with grandkids and I even caught a couple of fish.
Have compiled a new video on my North Queensland trip you can check it out under VIDEOS on the home page, Now working on the second one which will cover the Clermont part of the trip, should be done next week. Also working on a couple of articles for Gold Gem & Treasure Magazine based on the trip as well.
As far as Queensland goes particularly in the north it is getting hot and the humidity makes detecting hard work, well for me any way, A bit of treasure hunting about the parks and beaches during the cooler parts of the day are the go.
With Christmas less than six weeks away a lot of people will have things other than detecting on their minds, maybe a few thoughts on next years plans for a gold adventure are being hatched . Hopefully you can look back on year with some great memories in mind. I can but for now it’s back to the chores that need to be done.
Peter T
News update September 13th 2018
Been a while since I have been on site to update anything, my trip to North Queensland prospecting was interesting even if the gold nugget tally was disappointing.
Met some interesting people and visited some new places, My trip took me to area of interest and I was fortune enough to be given access to the property to do a bit of detecting for a few days, all though there had been gold mined it the area way back I did not have any luck, I then spent time at Gilberton Station, where you pay $10 a day to camp and detect within there designated area, I did find several small nuggets while there, about the same as when there a couple of years back.
My next destination was Forsayth area, on the way there a short trip it to Agate creek gem fields to pick up a few specimens for the grandsons, certainly was different to my memories of it forty plus years ago, met a helpful local lady in there who pointed me in the right direction to search and I soon had some samples to bring back. from there it was into the Forsayth caravan park for a few days. staying at the park gives you access to Mt Talbot station to detect at a cost of $10 a day, this is in addition to camp fees. afters a few days without any success I went out to Dells Hole station and camped for a few days, fees there are $ 15 a day camp and detect, there are no amenities and you must be self sufficient. A good season had the country covered with plenty of grass adding to the difficulty in detecting, I did not have much to show for my efforts,
I returned to the Forsayth caravan park booking for a week and turning my attention back to detecting Mt Talbot, – you can not camp at Mt Talbot- Once again I did not have much to show for a lot of effort, I did see a nice 40 plus gram bit found there along with quite a few small nuggets by several people\ while I was there, I was just not walking over nuggets and hearing them, at least the grass was not to much of a problem at Mt Talbot, but there was certainly some steep country to explore.
Next stop was Clermont, first nugget within a hour of turning on the detector for a detect before dark had hopes of more to be found about the area next day, but known the next few days turned up nothing other than I got plenty of exercise. I camped at the Blackridge GPA, this is the only GPA (General Permission Area) where camping allowed, plenty of room, it is not a big GPA and has been well and truly worked over the during the past century and more, did see some small nuggets a chap found while I was there with a SDC 2300. Not far from McMasters GPA for those looking to detect there.
I did not find lots while there, a couple of around 5 gram nuggets were welcome finds to add to the tally.
Most of that had been camping there had left over the previous week, however it was great to meet the friendly campers still there and share the daily discussion about the fire of an evening.
Will put some photos up on various albums soon and work on a couple of videos as well, have quite a bit to do about the place over the next few days.
To those who are or have been out there chasing so yellow I hope you have had some success
Peter T

News update 19Th July 2018
Been quite some time since I have taken the time to update stuff on site, Gee Wiz the year is going fast, the medical issue that put an end to my WA trip has been pretty much resolved and I am in the process of getting ready to head up to North Queensland for a while, hopefully there is still some gold to be found.
Hearing stories of some nice finds of gold being found at Clermont and up about Forsayth. a reportedly 11 ounce nugget would have been a real “whoopee” moment for the finder, heart is still probably racing a little.
Have added a motor bike to my prospecting outfit just to make it a little easier to get out a bit further from where can get to with the vehicle, save on some walking and make some more country accessible. Will post up some photos in due course.
Have put some photos up in -Gemstones- of the 2018 Hervey Bay Gem Club show. They certainly put on a great exhibition with something for all interests.
Hopefully have some footage for a few videos when I get back, will update my Peter T Facebook page as time or signal permit.
For me it’s back to preparing for the trip north
Peter T
News update 14 May 2018
Not much to report, have not been out gold prospecting, hopefully the medical issue holding me back will get sorted in the next week or three.
Have been out for a few metal detecting hunts here in the Bay and on the Sunny Coast, nothing great in the way of finds but needed the exercise to keep the old arm and shoulder conditioned for detecting. a few photos under Metal detecting in photos on home page.
Hope all of you who have got out into the goldfields for detect have had some success.
Check out the APLA Facebook page for information on what’s going on in WA. while on WA hear that Reeds Prospecting in Perth has new owners, had report that they are very experienced, helpful keen to assist.
Have not had any feed back from Clermont on the new GPAs, no doubt that will get plenty of attention this year.
Still trying to get my Peter T Facebook page sorted, Regularly putting up info and photos,
What a great country we live in, get out and enjoy some of what it has to offer.
Peter T.

News Update 30th March 2018
Currently having problem with web site home page, my fault, hope my web host will have it fixed soon.
An update and information on the new General Permission Areas (GPAs) at Clermont. Clermont GPA Status

Isaac Regional Council advice is that as from 25th August 2017, there is no longer a requirement to purchase a Fossicking Kit to access Clermont GPAs. Please call Council office 1300 47 22 27 for any enquiries or see
Two new GPAs in Blair Athol State Forest, Clermont
OPENED Friday 30th March 2018
Birimgan (West) 1827 ha
Access via Brigalow, Laglan or Western Creek Road
Four Mile (West) 2520 ha
Access via Laglan Road opposite Brigalow Road

*Note freehold land within these adjoining Four Mile GPAs – at all times please respect landholders privacy, livestock and property when traversing GPAs.*
•New signage is now in place – all obsolete Forestry signage to be removed
•Traverse new GPAs via existing gates and access tracks
•Take greater care during exploratory drives and whilst prospecting through unfamiliar country eg. use of GPS and/or two way radio to ensure personal safety.
•Exercise care around old workings and mineshafts
•Further access tracks to be assessed and constructed over next 12-18 months.
•Report any observed issues to QPWS Clermont office 07 4983 1211 eg. trees across tracks or fences, dangerous shafts etc
The new GPA maps and full list of Conditions are available here…/activities/fossicking/central-gold
(Info copy from Outback Prospectors site)
These will no doubt create a lot of interest this year.
Hope your all having a great easter,
Cheers, Peter T

News update 25th March 2018
My trip to Western Australia for several months looks like a non event as a medical issue has come up that requires soon attention, nothing to serious just need to get an angiogram and medication sorted over the next couple of months and will be right to carry on as usual they tell me. Victoria and Far North Queensland are probable alternatives.
Was very disappointed to say the least, all pretty much prepared and ready to load up and go, could be a bloody conspiracy to keep home Mmmm. Hasn’t helped the gold itch for sure. Was looking forward to catching up with family and friends along the ways and a couple of days or so detecting in Victoria.
Have added a few photos to site, Facebook link to Peter T.
To all those making the WA treck in search of gold, there is a growing push by pastoralists and mining companies for changes to the mining act with regards to access, The growing number of people detecting is putting pressure on areas and some companies are being overwhelmed with request for permission to detect on the leases and applying limits,
People should make them selves aware of the rules, compared to other states Western Australia has a much better system for prospectors, Section 40A’s can be applied for (takes 3 weeks) and gives access to most areas, I have found the mines department staff very helpful , there are offices across the goldfields, Kalgoorlie, Leonora, Mt Magnet, Marble Bar ect were you can get maps of pending ground, where as long as you have a WA Prospecting licence ($25 for life) you can detect. The Department of mines web site has a lot of information available.
Joining the Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders Association of WA ( APLA ) is a good idea they are fighting hard for the rights of prospectors, yes metal detectorists to. you not only give support to there struggle but receive the benefits of $100.000 insurance cover, help with issues that can arrive such as access and practically now that some companies and pastoralists are trying to impose there own rules, APLA has been very active in this are. APLA membership also helps with gaining permission to detect from both companies and pastoralists.
Those who can only be described as BLOOD IDIOTS are not helping our cause, is it to much to ask to keep of the station tracks when wet, camp away from and don’t interfere with water points, leave gates as you find them, bring out your rubbish, don’t cut fences, if you must take your dog/s keep restrained (1080 baits are every where out there) fill in your holes. Very unlikely that they would be reading this, of if they are, care two hoots, or are likely to change there ways,.
It has been reported that this year a number of mining companies are going to report and work with police to have people charge with doing the wrong thing so as to get the message out there.
Well enough on the negative side of things, with all the rain about the WA Goldfields so far this year there will no doubt be a lot more grass to contend with and water in the lake at least till latter in the year, Talking about rain and grass cover as I write there is a cyclone up in the Gulf of Carpentaria which will bring more heavy rain to North Queensland, will need a detector with a wiper snipper attachment on the detector too clear the way. (with permission of course) great season for the station people, hopefully not to much damage from the cyclone.
A short update has turned into a long ramble again, no matter what the destination or the purpose, safe travel and enjoy. if it involves detecting, good luck. above all stay safe if going bush take the necessary gear for your safety, already this year several searches for missing people reported, not all ended well.
Peter T

News update February 23rd 2018
Have set up a Facebook page Peter T to put information, photos, and related posts ect on all to do with Peter T An Old Mans Adventures.
Click the link on bottom of home page
Please have a look and comment and like. Of course there will times when I’m out “bush” and responses/ posts may be in frequent.
I don’t carry one of the fancy phones and do it all on computer when time permits.
Take care out there.
Peter T.

News Update 9th February 2018.
Busy preparing for trip to WA in few months time, looking at and researching places to go to, trying to work out WA Tengraph on line.
Think have all you need then seems more and more stuff needed (of may need) Coil covers, leads, batteries, and so on. Got myself a new Garmin Map64 GPS so need download maps and get the hang of using it along with the Hema Navigator I have in the vehicle I should have no worries finding my way and being in the right spot. Hmmm?
Have updated Gold for sale on site. Just calculated it at spot gold price so is good value. If you are just getting into detecting it’s good to have a small nugget or two try out on.
Will add a few pictures to various sections as/ if time permits. Have been sorting photos on my laptop. sorting and getting rid of the many double ups that now reside on it and on the desk top computer as well, found some that I can upload, also some video from WA that may make an interesting video.
If your going bush, be prepared ” She’ll be right mate” don’t cut it if things go wrong, particularly if like me you spend quite a bit of time out there alone.
Check out my video (19) Camp talk North Queensland Gold detecting” for the gear and precautions I take to get a few ideas. something as simple as carrying a cigarette lighter with you all the time could be the difference between life or death.
Peter T
News update 21st January 2018.
Finally I have finished editing the second video (and last) of my gold detecting trip to Clermont in Queensland, now in the video listing and on Peter T YouTube channel. You can see it listed under VIDEOS on this site.
Currently looking into and planning this years gold detecting adventure, a few months in WA should help sooth my gold itch. Researching areas in the west as possible places to go, getting my head around Tenagraph on line is and will take some time and talking of time January is slipping by so quickly, be Easter before we know it.
More on this years adventures to come.
Happy Australia day for the 26th, I’m bloody proud to be Australian.
Peter T
News update 31st December 2017
Christmas done and dusted and 2018 only hours away, I hope you all had a lovely Xmas and wish all the very best for a nappy and safe 2018, may your hopes and plans come to fruition.
My year just got wrapped up in family, kids and grandkids kept us busy through out the year and had us travelling south to Brisbane and north to the top of Cape York, Having a close family is very rewarding and watching the grandkids grow and develop there personalities is wonderful.
This was the fist year that we did not get to go interstate to visit family, friends or / and detect. My planned gold detecting trip to North Queensland for a few months got sidelined with family and only managed around half a day along the way. Did a short detecting trip to Clermont in central Queensland and managed to find a few small gold nuggets, eased the gold itch for a few days – lol.
What’s ahead this year ? Certainly more family stuff, WA gold detecting for a few months is a plan at present, doing more research on possible areas to detect there, a trip to Victoria for sure, possible on way to and or back from WA
Been having all sorts of computer problems, probably getting past there use by date, Laptop since windows ten uploaded itself to it has been a virtual no work as far as Telstra 4G dongle connection is concerned. I still use a flip phone so not up with all the fancy stuff available on latest types, may just have to look in to in a bit more.
Still reports of plenty of gold being found in all the goldfields around the country, some big nuggets amongst them so yes there is still plenty of gold out there to be found just needs a bit more effort than in the past to get on to “good” gold, but those little nug’s do add up.
Well that’s it from me for 2017, whatever your hobbies enjoy, if detecting the beach, parks or other places enjoy and good luck. For those of you heading to the goldfields in search of a nugget or plenty good luck may you experience many golden beeps. We are luck to live in a country so diverse and with so much to offer, unfortunately there are those who seek to impose on the freedoms that so many of us enjoy, in this technical age I think that a lot of people would find getting of the couch, getting of there phones and iPod’s and getting out and having a look at what the country (not the shopping plaza) has to offer would open up a whole new perspective on life.
To all those heading out bush wether pursuing your hobbies, travelling our great country to enjoy what it has to offer PLEASE do the right thing, Get permission to enter private property, fill-in your holes, put your fire out, Rubbish- carry it out, Be aware of the rule and conditions, take a camera to capture memories. You need leave only your tracks and footprints.
Lets do every thing we can to keep our great Australian values and way of life to be enjoyed by our children and there’s to come.
Adding more photos to site, Another video soon.
Peter T

News update 10th Nov 2017
Nothing to report in the way of prospecting or metal detecting over the past couple of months, have doe a bit of research on possible spot for next year other than that a bit of work on the vehicle to tidy up a few things it has just been the stuff that needs doing about home.
We have had plenty of rain with around six inches (250mm) followed about ten days later with close to eight inches (400mm)and an odd showers to follow has the lawn growing well, the temperatures now getting into the thirty’s summer is on the way /
See from various reports still some nice gold nuggets being found, latest a whopping nugget weighing in at 1.763 kilograms in North Queensland reported in Courier Mail
Hopefully you have some success be it nugget hunting, treasure hunting, there is still plenty to be found out there.
Good luck
Peter T
News update 4th September 2017.
Well once again not a lot to report on, my intended prospecting trip in North Queensland for a few months didn’t eventuate as family matters intervened and family comes first. I did get in a couple of hours at a spot in Far North Queensland where I found a few nuggets last year , but failed to find any this time, I was limited to time there due to station activities.
Spent a few weeks in Cape York and caught up with family up there, Son and family from Weipa have now moved back down to Hervey Bay, spent time helping them pack and towed a trailer load of gear down for them.
Had a few days up in Bamaga, hear that the bridge over the Wenlock river has had funding approved and local indigenous signed of on it surveyors have been surveying the area, Just maybe see a bridge get built. but wouldn’t want to be holding your breath, Don’t think that the indigenous should be able to hold this up as is a public / main road for all to use and benefit from, when there was talk of funding for the bridge being in place a few years back I ask one of the locals when it would happen he shrugged. patted his back pocket and said not enough of this yet.
On getting home an intended trip to Forsayth for a few weeks area had to be put off and a short trip to Clermont was made, did not as expected find much but finding a number of small gold nuggets as the days went by kept the hopes of something bigger to come alive. any gold is good gold so cannot be to disappointed. I fid see a few nice nuggets come to light which put a smile on the face of the finders, I just did not walk over any and hear them.
Have put a few photos up in “GOLD PROSPECTING” and will add a few photos to the various other categories over the next week or to as time permits and have a few computer problems happening which is not helpful.
The year is not done yet so just may get out for a hunt or two for some gold.
Hope you have had some success if chasing some of the yellow stuff or in what ever your pursuits.
Peter T
News update 13 August 2017
Things not going to plan, intended prospecting trip had to go as family stuff was a priority, now into the second week of August and trying o get away for at least a week out detecting shortly.
A couple of days of intender detecting while away was when property owners could only allow me a day at the site due to mustering about to start, by the time we made our way in only had a couple of hours to detect, this was in an area I had detected and found a few nuggets previously however this time I came away empty handed.
Made a road trip up to Weipa in Cape York to visit and help family over the past couple of months, who have now moved back down to Hervey Bay, great to have the grandkids close by.
Now to go re sort a bit of gear ready to get away, looking forward to getting out bush for awhile.
Hope all you out there detecting are having some luck.
Will add more photos to site as get time
Peter T
News Update 21-June 2016
Dam this year is going fast or so it seems, I have finally uploaded the last video of my gold adventures in far north Queensland last year. The fourth in the series. it is titled HARD WON NUGGETS. it was certainly hard going at times. The rugged terrain in places combined with the temperatures in the thirty’s and humidity particularly latter in the season made hydrated of the most importance, by 8-30 of a morning I could wring the sweat out of my shirt, I don’t find the green ants a big problem but on a few occasions I brushed past a nest without noticing it and had to spend time removing a lot of angry ants.
I am yet to get back to the goldfields this year, plans have had to change due to family stuff but now about to head up north again and combine some family stuff and enjoying some time out bush and gold detecting of course.
Seeing reports from those who have been out and about finding a few nuggets in various places has had my gold itch acting up, need to get out there and settle it down, lol .
On that note had better go and pack, good luck to those out detecting and enjoying what our great country has to offer, take care, enjoy and safe travels.
Peter T
News Update 14th May 2017
New video added titled Camp Talk North Queensland. Sitting in camp taking a break from detecting for gold I thought it maybe of interest to people as to what I take and a little about how I go about camping and looking after myself and others with me when on my trips. Safety is of great importance. If I get into trouble out there it could create a lot of trouble for other folks, the last thing I want is to have to have people come looking for me, even more so if it something preventable by being prepared and taking proper precautions. I certainly don’t want to put family through the anguish of me being missing some where out bush nor authorities having to spend time, effort and the expense of searching for me.
Always seems to be plenty to do while at home, have been doing maintenance on the vehicle so it’s ready to do the next trip for which final planning is still in progress, just itching to get out on the gold fields again soon.
To those that are out there detecting good luck and safe travels to all those getting out and about no matter what your interests, we live in a great country with so much to see and do.
Peter T

News update 25th April 2017
A few photos added to site and the latest video, This is the third video in the series Far North Queensland Gold..
Other than that not a lot to report other than itching to get away detecting again soon.
Peter T
News Update 29 March 2017.
Far North Queensland Gold video 2 of the series now uploaded to site and YouTube Titled. Gold nuggets from the hill.
Added more parcels of gold nuggets on site for sale.
We have had some good rain here in Hervey Bay over the past couple of weeks, had to get the mower out and give it a run.
My thoughts are with those further north in Queensland as they prepare for the impact of cyclone Debbie predicted to hit land fall around 6am tomorrow between Ayre and Bowen. There will be lots of damage but I hope everyone comes through it unharmed.
Still no certainty on where my next prospecting trip will take me.
Cheers. Peter T.
Update March 11th 2017
Adding a few more gold nuggets to the FOR SALE list. A few more photos here and there added as well.
Currently working on another video , the second one in series on Far North Queensland Gold. will be added to site next week.
Other than to say the dry weather is still with us here in Hervey Bay, comes up and looks and sounds (thunder) like rain and we get a few mm( about 15 in past couple of weeks) and it’s gone.
My gold seeking travel for the year are yet to be sorted. pouring over the maps looking for the X marks the spot. LoL. To those of you heading out, good luck and safe travels..
Will have video up soon on what I do /carry when out bush for safety, may be of interest to some viewers, Found the Spot Tracker I used a good thing.
Peter T

Update 20 February 2017
The past month has flown by and as usual I have not done any where near all I had hope to, an Auction I set out and ran for a friend of ours went very well with all lots sold.
Will have another video up on site (YouTube) this week from my detecting in far North Queensland last year and more photos to site.
Still have no definite plan for gold prospecting as yet for this year, itching to get out for a swing.
Still very hot and dry here in Hervey Bay, Had about four minutes of quite heavy rain last night, just a tease as back clear and hot today, well back to work or will be saying the same thing again next month.
Cheers, Peter T.

Update 29th January 2017.
It is certainly very dry here in Hervey Bay, have had very little rain over the past couple of months, at least don’t have to get the lawn mower out.
I have had a busy couple of weeks ending in an auction sale yesterday for a good friend of ours, a complete clean up of her late husbands workshop and mans stuff and a total clearance of all items put to auction was achieved. Thanks to those who attended.
A bit of catch up with kids and grandkids during the coming week is planned, and I hope to get out for a bit of metal detecting to keep the swinging arm freed up. Plans for a gold detecting destination this year are still under discussion, the itch is growing, lol
For anyone thinking of getting this great hobby of metal detecting do your home work and get the detector you can best afford, A visit to detector shop is a great way to get an insight into a suitable detector for your intended use, wether it be searching for coin and jewellery about the beaches and parks, relic hunting old sites or searching for those elusive gold nuggets. ( Note; Once found can cause an incredible itch to find more.) Get on and have a look at a few forums. (Some under LINKS on site.) ( We see stories in the press now and again of BIG nuggets found and I’m sure this leads to a lot of people getting the urge to buy a detector and go find gold and I would think a lot of detectors end up sitting unused in garages as they find out its not as easy as heading out for a few hours and picking up gold when they feel like it. It takes a lot of patience, getting to know your machine and attention to technique to get results and this after you have done your research on areas where gold can be found, find out the rules and regulations that apply. claiming ignorance is not an excuse. not only is it the dollars in fines but it gives Greens and the powers that be ammunition to use in there push to close areas off to detecting. And without exception what ever you dig FILL IN THE HOLE.

Of course most of the gold found detecting these days is small sub gram bits. But hey you just never know your luck.
Machines for general detecting the beach, parks ect can be bought quite cheap and are a good way to get into detecting and test your resolve before spending thousands of dollars on a gold detector.
Another couple of videos from the past years detecting are in the planning and should have one on site soon and on YouTube .
I am still at a loss as to why all posts here prior to early December last year have disappeared.
Peter T.

Update 16th January 2017
Here we are in 2017 and all ready halfway through January, Hopefully you all had a nice Christmas / New Year and your hopes for the year ahead come to fruition, All ready the computer gremlins have bitten, all but the previous post here have gone.
I have a bit of a busy start to the year, updating and adding to the web site, pictures in different categories and uploaded a video on time spent at Gilberton station in North Queensland detecting for gold, more to come on my Far North Queensland gold hunts during 2016. Unfortunenatly I didn’t get to do anywhere the prospecting I had planned to do, however time spent helping out family was time well spent.
Mrs T and I spent several months in Weipa in Cape York along with a couple of visits to Bamaga. Spent some time out bush, a pig hunt with my son for the Weipa pig hunt competition was fun. Several trips out about the old Wenlock goldfields had me sweating and puffing in the heat and humidity climbing about the hills, the grass after the wet season does not make for easy detecting however I managed to find a few nuggets. Getting permission to detect on some of the stations about the old goldfields in the Cape has become near impossible bought about mainly by people doing the wrong thing, Queensland parks are getting there hands on more and more stations and from my inquiries they stated no prospecting allowed, off course there aiming to add to the number of National Parks, the area of the old Bairdsville goldfield were the first gold was found in the Wenlock area is now in there hands and is a proposed National Park. As to my question as to wether they would consider setting aside the Bairdsville gold area as an area for detecting the answer was a definite NO. It’s not in keeping with the values of a National Park. He did say that the Traditional land owners are being consulted, Oh yeah, well how can that be? you contradicted your self when in further conversation your said that at present there is NO tradition lands title on the area, when I bought this up he went on to say that there were people there that THEY recognised as having a connection to the land. No recognition for the pioneers who endured the hardships of opening up the country and helping build the wealth of the nation as part of the history, nor any input from there decedents, it will be the “traditional” owners who decide what is to become of the station buildings, and who can do what on the land.
I have a Auction sale to conduct on the 28th January, you can see details under AUCTIONS on my home page.
Currently no set plans for gold prospecting this year, but you can be sure that the detector will be getting a swing during the year.
What ever your endeavours during the year ahead, enjoy and good luck.
Peter T.
Update 2nd December 2016.
Working on sorting out photos and video so will have more add to site over the next few weeks.
Will be leaving Weipa in a few days time and looking forward to getting home to catch up with family over Christmas, of course editing and sorting videos is much easier on the program on the home computer.
The wet season build up is under way here, have had a couple of storms and the weather is hot and humid.
Had the detector out a few days back and spent a bit of time about local parks and found a few coins, the exercise keeps the shoulders freed up a bit which is good.
An over night trip and camp with son and grandson up the Old Telegraph Track (OTL) as far as Gunshot creek was a great experience, will put up a short video soon. was no problem for sons Nissan as he did one of the steep drop-ins to the creek twice as just as dropped down the first time I ran out of room on the camera card so it was back for second take.
More news soon.
Peter T.


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