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       DO YOU HAVE?

  • A quantity of goods of reasonable value?

       WANT TO?

  • Sell with the least amount of effort.
  • In a short period of time.
  • Cash sale.

*There are advantages of selling your good by auction rather than advertising for private sale and having to deal and haggle with (hopefully) numerous inquiries, or in a Garage sale where

the bargain hunters buy some and you’re left with the rest:

  • At auction, competition results in you obtaining fair prices, large items and the odds and ends all go in the one day.
  • Advertising costs for the overall result can be much cheaper.
  • No waiting for the response to numerous adds, waiting for potential buyers to turn up, re advertising goods.
  • I offer you the further advantage of a fixed price to auction your goods so you know what your costs will be. This includes advice on setting out and advertising.
  • Sort and set out your items for sale, Listing and photos on web site.

For further information contact licensed Auctioneer, Peter Thomas.

       Phone: 0428 505 995

Conducting on site auctions.